Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity and Profits

Why is reducing stress so critical now more than ever?

  • 1M employees miss work every day due to stress (The American Institute of Stress)

  • Economic loss due to chronic stress in America is $193.2 billion per annum (NAMI)

  • Employers gain $7 for every $1 invested in employees emotional well being (MHA)

  • Stress results in more days of disability than chronic physical health conditions (NAMI)

  • Stress is the cause of 1 /3 of disability claims and 70% of disability costs (MHA)

I believe that chronic stress is the #1 cause of economic loss in organizations because:

1. Huge communications gap in organizations

2. There a lot of conflicts due to different values - age, diversity, belief systems, morale

3. Lack of sufficient priority to emotional well-being of employees and leaders


As a matter of fact, according to Harvard Business Review, 95% of corporations have only 60% of employees working productively causing what they call a "stress epidemic" and large loss for the other 40%.

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  • Myths about stress and how you may be handling it wrong in your business

  • Recognize communication gaps and tips on closing them

  • The importance of employees well-being and how you can easily improve it

  • Tips on dealing with difficult clients or co-workers

  • Identify conflict or potential risks of conflict

  • Tips for employee retention

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