Do you know that...

  • 1M employees miss work every day due to stress (The American Institute of Stress)

  • Economic loss due to chronic stress in America is $193.2 billion per annum (NAMI)

  • Employers gain $7 for every $1 invested in employees emotional well being (MHA)

  • Stress results in more days of disability than chronic physical health conditions (NAMI)

  • Stress is the cause of 1 /3 of disability claims and 70% of disability costs (MHA)

I provide the tools For:

☑️Retention: Strategies for human resources professional and managers to identify stressed and overworked employees. 

☑️Improve Communication; Increase Productivity: Close the communication gaps and build positive relationships among team members by teaching effective communication and increasing emotional intelligence.   

☑️Creating Connections Even When Values Are Different: Decrease conflict and build relationships among team members and all employees throughout organizations for greater awareness, understanding and productivity. 

do you need the practical tools to reduce stress, improve communication and increase employee engagement? 

Book an entertaining, insightful and Engaging performer, I will give your employees the tips, the tools and the strategies to maximize your performance.


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Speaker Sheet (Click to Download)