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☑️ Increasing Productivity by Identifying and Reducing Workplace Stressors- Brett’s Blueprint for a Thriving, Productive Business
☑️ Advancing Team Performance by Improving Communication and Decision Making- 5 Tools to Elevate and Escalate Productivity
☑️Increase Understanding and Acceptance of Challenging Personality Differences in the Workplace

Your needs in these Areas May be greater than you think:

  • 1M employees miss work every day due to stress (The American Institute of Stress)
  • Economic loss due to chronic stress in America is $193.2 billion per annum (NAMI)
  • Employers gain $7 for every $1 invested in employees emotional well being (MHA)
  • Stress results in more days of disability than chronic physical health conditions (NAMI)
  • Stress is the cause of 1 /3 of disability claims and 70% of disability costs (MHA)

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 Speaker Sheet (Click to Download)

Speaker Sheet (Click to Download)

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Brett’s mission is to help organizations increase productivity, by reducing conflict and improving team performance. She can help because of her years working with thousands of clients dealing with stress in their personal and professional lives.

Brett Francis Speaking Reel


"We were thrilled to have Brett Francis speak to our students at our Roads to Success Career Fair.  Brett's message was passionate, informative and relevant to the needs of our event.  Brett also provided a parent information session that evening that was very well received.  I would highly recommend Brett as a presenter!"

Tracy - SW School Division

“Her dedication is contagious, and she captivated everyone that was in attendance – some of our clients even pulled me aside after the event to thank me for finding such a fantastic guest speaker such as Brett! I would encourage anyone and everyone to book Brett as your next guest speaker for any and all future events, you will definitely not be disappointed!”

Sarah - CCRW


Brett has spoken for us numerous times and plan to continue having her back, every time we bring her in we have to turn people away from her talks. I would recommend bringing her in to speak, you won't be disappointed."

Chelsea - NSILC