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My mission is to help organizations increase productivity, by reducing conflict and improving team performance. I can help because of my years working with thousands of clients dealing with stress in their personal and professional lives.

  • 1M employees miss work every day due to stress (The American Institute of Stress)
  • Economic loss due to chronic stress in America is $193.2 billion per annum (NAMI)
  • Employers gain $7 for every $1 invested in employees emotional well being (MHA)
  • Stress results in more days of disability than chronic physical health conditions (NAMI)
  • Stress is the cause of 1 /3 of disability claims and 70% of disability costs (MHA)

If you are an organization looking to provide practical tools, presented in an entertaining, insightful, engaging way, then Book me HERE.

Have me bring value to your organization and meet your needs by:

☑️ Increase Productivity by Identifying and Reducing Workplace Stressors- My Blueprint for a Thriving, Productive Business

☑️ Advance Team Performance by Improving Communication and Decision Making- 5 Tools to Elevate and Escalate Productivity  

☑️Value Diversity: Creating Connections Even When Values Are Different


Train your managers to recognize, confront and actively combat stress and emotional issues, Provide ways to help build an emotionally healthy workplace culture, and Help your employees that are often absent or on disability, work faster and more effectively!

Going one step further, she can work with you to build, implement and evaluate strategies to prevent these issues in the future, tailored to your company and personalized to your employees. How does this work?

  • Targeting key health risks and employee needs, for example through screening and well-being promotion programs
  • Improve presenteeism and employee engagement
  • Implement comprehensive strategies to target specific, critical business needs

Investing in training and consulting such as this will, then, leave you with a plethora of benefits, not only for you but also your employees and your entire business at large. Reducing workplace conflicts, increasing productivity, boosting morale, creating a safe environment where people feel good are only some of these. Last, but not least - it's easily affordable with a huge return of investment percentage.

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Fact is, not only is it the right thing to help your co-workers and employees reduce their stress to increase productivity, it’s also the best way of making sure they stay motivated and do the best work they can. Neglecting this actually causes severe economic loss for organizations all over the world! To help with that, Brett offers completely tailored training and coaching. She targets very important levels within an organization that can have a major impact on people suffering with chronic stress that causes productivity issues.

Even without an apparent and present issue, addressing stress in the workplace has enormous effect on the productivity of the company as a whole. Employees are affected by stress, both related to work and their personal lives, they put in overtime, feel under appreciated, or experience a lack of enjoyment in their employment... the list goes on. 

Some topics addressed are:

  • How stress and unhappiness can affect a workplace and how they contribute to economic loss
  • Workplace stress
  • Grievances
  • Employees enjoyment of work
  • Productivity
  • Workplace conflict
  • Communication
  • Reducing economic loss
  • Performance improvement

How will this benefit your organization?

  • Increasing productivity and reducing economic loss by;
  • Reduce the stigma and bias regarding stress in the workplace
  • Build resilience in your employees
  • Improve employee attendance
  • Create an open dialogue in the workplace
  • Eliminate toxic work environments
  • Stress management best practices, promoting employee wellness
  • Supporting employees with accommodation needs
  • Practical strategies for implementing the standard
  • Respectful workplaces, ergonomics and other issues that affect workers over time including fatigue
  • Emotional and physical wellness support through benefits and beyond: How to maximize the two
  • Creative perspectives: What other forward-thinking organizations are doing

I will empower you to transform your workplace and reap the rewards of reduced costs and higher performance at work.

People will often hide their problems, especially at a workplace setting, but these issues do not discriminate, and neither should you! Book Me for training or consulting, so that you can rest knowing your co-workers and employees are taken care of and having a higher performing and more efficient workplace!