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I have done hundreds of media interviews/appearances and have been featured across the globe.

I am your go-to media source and a dependable guest who knows how to deliver the results you want. With my own personal challenges, I build an instant connection with with viewers and hosts that is compelling and captivating, they will be exhilarated. Many media guests can come across as awkward, uncomfortable, boring and repetitive - This is not the case with me.

I am the host of Not Broken® Radio, a weekly talk show that is heard on hundreds of stations throughout the globe. I am also the Host and Co-Producer of Breaking The Barriers weekly TV series that has been syndicated throughout the globe!

Media Reel

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Business/Industry Media One Sheet (Click To Download)

Business/Industry Media One Sheet (Click To Download)

Mental Health Media One Sheet (Click To Download)

Mental Health Media One Sheet (Click To Download)


Below, are some of my appearances:


CTV Morning Live

CTV Morning

Global TV News

CTV News

CTV Bell Let’s Talk



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