Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity, and Profits

Are you stressed out because...

☑️Your employees aren't communicating well with each other or their leaders?

☑️Your employees are at work but not fully productive?

☑️You can't get people to work together because they have different values and they clash?


If you answered yes to any of those questions then you're in the right place because as one of North America's top Stress Management, Communications and Emotional Intelligence experts. I work with companies to help improve their employee's emotional well-being, improving retention, and minimize workplace conflict to maximize team performance and increase productivity.


If you're not investing time and resources in your employees emotional well-being, your organization will continue to struggle with retention, workplace conflict and maximizing team performance.


I believe that chronic stress is the #1 cause of economic loss in organizations because:

1. Huge communications gap in organizations

2. There a lot of conflicts due to different values - age, diversity, belief systems, morale

3. Lack of sufficient priority to emotional well-being of employees and leaders


As a matter of fact, according to Harvard Business Review, 95% of corporations have only 60% of employees working productively causing what they call a "stress epidemic" and large loss for the other 40%.


Here’s how I can help:
☑️ Increase Productivity; Identify and Reduce Workplace Stressors: My Blueprint for Increasing Productivity and Building a Thriving Business
☑️ Advance Team Performance by Improving Communication and Decision Making: 5 Tools to Elevate and Escalate Productivity
☑️Value diversity: Creating connections even when values are different


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My Speaking Reel

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Looking for an inspirational and motivational speaker for you event? Let me...

☑️Have open and honest conversation about mental health and disabilities

☑️Reduce the stigma and increase awareness and education about mental health and disabilities

☑️Inspire others to use their mental health as an advantage and embrace there challenges

☑️Share true personal stories of hardship and triumph


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Corporate and Conference Keynote Speaking

Do You Need The Practical Tools To Reduce Stress, Improve Communication, Productivity and Profits? 

Do You Know That...



- 1M employees miss work every day due to stress (The American Institute of Stress)
- Economic loss due to chronic stress in America is $193.2 billion per annum (NAMI)
- Employers gain $7 for every $1 invested in employees emotional well being (MHA)




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Corporate and Organization Training and Consulting

Do You Need The Practical Tools To Reduce Stress, Improve Communication, Productivity and Profits? 

If you could gain $7 for every $1 spent on your employees emotional well-being, would you? Save your organization from unessecary economic loss!

My mission is to help organizations increase productivity, by reducing conflict and improving team performance. I can help because of my years working with thousands of clients dealing with stress in their personal and professional lives.


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Inspirational and Motivational Mental Health and Disability Keynote

North America’s Leading Mental Health Speaker and Advocate
- Mental Health Super-Hero, Helping Organizations and People Stay Mentally and Emotionally Healthy for Over 10 Years

If You Are A Non-Profit Organization Or Company Looking For A Speaker For Your Event, Presented In An Entertaining, Insightful, Engaging And Inspirational Way, Then I Am The Person To Help You!




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Brett captured everyone that was in attendance – some of our clients even pulled me aside after the event to thank me for finding such a fantastic guest speaker such as Brett! I would encourage anyone and everyone to book Brett as your next guest speaker for any and all future events, you will definitely not be disappointed!”


Sarah - Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work


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